четверг, 26 февраля 2015 г.

Exploring the educational area nearby

As a teacher  I was eager to visit schools of California, to meet typical American teenagers. 
And we did it!
We visited two High Schools and communicated with students. Interesting…they know nothing about Russia and the Russians. At the same time our teenagers know everything about Hollywood actors and actresses, wear “Converse”, “Levi’s”, “Gap”, drink coffee in “Starbucks’, prefer American music to Russian  and tend to have the latest model of iPhone.

This way Students of High School in California see the Russians

Our first school.
Carlsbad High School has great facilities for study and self development. A lot of classes for choice.  Сhildren are not forced to get involved they do it with a great pleasure. And, for example, in order to participate in School Educational TV you should pass the test. They do a great job and of course it requires a lot of funding. As Russian guests we were interviewed by Carlsbad High School Educational TV. Look here.

Second school.
El Camino High School, in Oceanside.
Again it’s an excellent example of High School Education.
We visited theatre class there, watch their video works, were on their ‘big’ stage. There  we found the wall of social wishes. Of course, honest thoughts of teens can help identify problems that they faced nowadays. These photos are about…

That was our school trip. Now I know that people here are interested in people more than political issues.

It’s not the ideal world but it is a good example of a good education for teenagers. Here in California everything seems perfect but it’s only the part of a big system. I am planning a visit to a school for children with difficulties with studies or behavior.  It can be another side of a coin. We’ll see.

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